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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  July 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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started fighting from the outside. there was another by a burning simultaneously and that is what have them a little short stock they're happy to help us out. it is a mutual agreement, we help them out as well he was talking about their mutual agreements between their cities. the other one started at a strip mall, the fire is breaded in the attic. they were able to put that one out 50 minutes. commodore will be shut down for
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another hour of least. it lot of things happening over night. we are also following a another developing story. someone shot a car filled with children. pat is in hercules 2284 year-old people were shot multiple times on i 80 between the goal and as are for. multiple shots had been shot through the car. causing the driver to lose control. the four young children were apparently unharmed, they were in the car as well. the victims drove themselves here. there is no word on their conditions right now. the suspect was driving in the
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same direction as the victims. the search continues for the eat shooter. rescue teams were to a survey at sequoia national park. they are trying to find 34 year- old tom could you never returned from what was supposed to be just a one day hike could. the quake plea o some violent protest in orange county over some officer involved shootings trade they'd
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take the proteins out to the streets, some room rocks and bottles at the police sprayed officers fired back with beanbags. rescue crews attempted to get the two dozepound thousand coun a family of mountain lions has moved in near the creek theater on the cal campus. the deer came first and jump the fence, it was too nice bugs
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and i thought to myself all i need doubt where and mountain lions and right behind them came it mountain lion and to cubs right behind did he saw a lone male mile line and a few days later. they have put a warning out on the mountain wirlions. the fog of low clouds has a move back on shore. temperatures are stay mile, lets his job there and check things out. you have the cloud deck that is moving on through. likely delays at the sfo with the cllow clouds outside.
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we are a degrees below average in some spots inland. 65 degrees in san francisco. more on your weather coming up not a lot going on the far as accidents go. a lot of conditions, you did see traffic is very light trade westbound the dumbarton bridge, a roadwork in effect as well. two lanes are shut down, you see san mateo bridge as an alternate until 6:00. the first funeral in the colorado shooting is set for today. new details on what happened during the attack. kate is in the news room with
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more on the survivors the survivors are recalling a terrifying memory from the nights. tonight the oldest victim will be laid to rest. this is an 51 year-old gordon. he will be laid to rest today. yesterday's james holmes lawyer spends an hour and half in the movie theater looking for evidence for his client. gun was shot in the neck, she says the government was not silent but targeting the victim and yelling just a massacre of people, i feel so sorry for him we are also learning more about homes. he is in solitary confinement in
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a colorado jail. and according to a colorado newspaper he is bidding and officers spaces. katie mayor ed lee, and caleb medley gave it chilbirth r son. katie put the cue ball and caleb's arms.
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friends say baby callebs is full of live just like his father. christian and visited some of these victims and r.l. red and the pete hospital staff there. is that has a movie theater was evacuated after someone tossed a package into the auto prayed this happened during a screening of the dark night rises. it was inside the east ridge mall. about 150 people left the building. in a bomb expert determined the box was harmless. during a speech romney said the white house should have an independent investigation into
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leaks leaks. in this ad you can see a pattern couch with the rest colored pillows and a white mantle behind the president. republicans say that it is a room from the white house. he is charged with assault and falls imprisonment. ross mirkarimi still fighting to get his job back.
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there will be no criminal perjury investigation of san francisco's mayor. district attorney says there is no basis to start such an investigation. up next, a popular area festival targeted by the sprayed it and the bay area statue that is turning heads,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the next time you think about swearing at work, try harder to hold your tongue. four-letter words research suggested that the e four-letter word could affect your work. 28 percent of workers ollie on what dui think about swearing in the workplace, do you think it's a good idea? sure thoughts
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with us on facebook or twitter. the only words i'm using our bay bridge, traffic, and good stuff. along the east shore freeway, eastbound 80 am 580, we have closures around the area. give yourself some extra time as you work your way through there. we're hoping to wrap things up by 530. traffic is light on the bay bridge, and the delays as you hit the babthey gates. we are seeing some yellow, we
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are seeing some delays around the dumbarton and bridge. no problems to report as you make yourself away through marin county and into seven cisco. i'm not seen too many delays on the westbound scientists to get it through and it antioch. things are free-flowing in both directions. northbound 285 still close until about 6:00 this morning. we have a cooler days in store for you today. the looks like the eat fog is going to break up and pulling
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closer to the coast line. it will be mostly sunny into the interior valley. so far no delays, sfo may have some because of the low clouds. nice and sunny and bright to about 83 degrees in new york. comfortable and san jose, 73 in san raphael. will start to warm things a little but up on friday. will probably get hot as we would toward next week. some folks who show up this weekend at the garlic festival
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will be told that their tickets are no good trade someone stole the to kids and sold them on line. the we work on behalf of so many organize stations large and small. and when i say we, i'm talking about the 4000 volunteers at the festival. the stolen tickets that were stolen or light purple. julia shows us whatever it is has people talking it doesn't seem like walnut creek, maybe san francisco. i'm starting to think it's a
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little bit creepy i think it's cool, i like it whether you like it or not, it is here tuesday according to be mayor of walnut creek. public and private funds paid for this. we could tell you his eyes do not open, he does not talk, but people in town are certainly talking about him it's so interesting it's right across the street from where we danced and we're just in class looking at this head and it spits out water, and
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it comes down and it goes in there what is it? inspirational a drowning baby freaky the artist will not say exactly what it is saying arts is in the eye of the beholder. if the eyes were opened, it would be so much more croupier it is a little weird. it did take me off guard. i kind of locket. and is 520 now, the hot streaks for the eat athletics
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and the giants. and it may be the best double play of the year. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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low clouds and fog start of
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the debris that as we had throughout the day, we will see some sunshine. more in your weather coming out the good news is that our bay area bridges are problem free new video of a killer will dragging a trainer underwater during a performance. they will release is the trainer after he pats her back and, sir down. san francisco is the next stop for the cbs buzzed store. it was stopped at the embarcadero for from 11 this afternoon.
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the will be activities for the family so stop on by. the a's were looking for their sixth straight win in toronto. derrick, unloading. and it's see you later. it gives the a's a early on to nothing lead. and the a's with a big winner. seven have been to over toronto. with a base hit and that is the ball there you go, a walk off where the giants beat the padres tuesday night. that is their nine the victory
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since the all-star game prayed carlos clinton it thinks he has a double for sure. crawford gets it over to first base that is one heck of a double play prayed that is your play of the day parade it is 526, a piece of cal's history turns out to be a cash cow. a man making a small fortune out of the wood. and the trouble he is allegedly causing now behind bars. resources stretched to the limit after two fires broke out,,,,
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house under renovation goes up in flames in vallejo could these staffing issue that complicated the fire fight more weather moving on shore, we'll talk more about a coming up is it wednesday july 25th. and this by 30, we are on the scene at of some developing news in the north papered when city had to fires in one night. one of the fires damaged eight two-story house. the house here behind me, you could see firefighters still
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sprang on water behind me. they have a lot of challenges on this thing because this old victorian was divided into several little rooms. and that was what the cause them a problem prepared just before 2:00 a.m., you are looking at some of a some flames minutes beforafter this fire er. and then later there was a fire that broke that simultaneously on the other side of town. they had all of their engines here and in some of them had to go to the other fire. it lot of little challenges with this fire particularly because of the construction downstairs was broken up, there looked like there was some
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remodeling going on. there was ceiling's opened up and such. unsure how with started. here's a look at the other fire. it was at a strip mall. only $50,000 of damage there because a it looks like the damage kept toward the attic of the building. this fire was a $200,000 damage. crews discovered a gas leak and ulcer rego. we discussed this video in the news room. you could see the gas pushing dirt into the air per residents
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say they can smell the gas, they could hear a hissing. good morning. to 24 year old gunshot victim's, one male and one female drove themselves here to this circle k. multiple holes had been shot through the card that may be driver lose control. three adults were in the car. the children were apparently unharmed. this happened just after 10 last night. the two victims were transported to a local hospital.
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there is a surveillance cameras all over the store. the driver of the shooting car at this still outstanding. officers pulled over a suspect in connection with a $1 million warrant. traffic was just a mess all the way it to los gabbros. a probation officer was on the scene, as part of the investigation he had severely shot himself in the leg. some people were shaken awake in southern california. it was a 3.2 magnitude
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earthquake near last angeles. so far nobody was hurt reportedly. 31 year-old tom went off to climb the summit. he was apparently a hiking alone at the time. able fell into a well in sacramento county. that's from uc-davis work to sedate the bull with a tranquilizer. the opening was just wide enough for the bold to get an, but they got him out. and some new neighbors in berkeley is creating quite the buzz on campus.
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a family of male lions have moved in near the greek their eye uc berkeley. they were apparently hunting deer at the time. they are on the eastern side of the campus i watched for them now because i do not wanna get caught in a position where it has to defend itself to get away from me my dad always told me that i'm not supposed to run away and that i'm supposed to make myself look larger than i am police have been warning people about the lions, as saying people should not hide alone. id is a popular jogging trail as well. we have the clouds out
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there,: the temperatures off. the clouds extended well on shore. it looks like it's going to stick around the longer today. temperatures vary mile to start with. '50s and a few '60s outside of your traveling around the bay area at this hour. still some '70s and '80s toward the south bay. inside the bay, you will see a stronger sea breeze. was subcontracted with gianna it is starting to become a busy wednesday commuted, we do have some reports of the slow and go conditions. he's bound sunmeal there, you may see some
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areas there dipping to below 40 mi. per hour per a couple of accidents, northbound 101 near willow. it is over toward the right shoulder. and also this is in the center divider. the rest of the bay area is problem free. and a live look at 101 in the south bay as you work your way near san jose. extra volume, but no delays to reports here. a top to be the in these servers cisco shares department facing domestic violence problems. he was arrested at a gold's gym. he is charged with assault and false imprisonment. and this follows after ross
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mirkarimi is battling an ethics hearing in his own case. the first funeral will be held later today. kate is in the newsroom with new details from the survivors themselves witness this before say the gunman was silent when he was firing, but others are remembering it different. this is a 51 year-old gordon. this is the same photo surrounded by crosses and dollars up a makeshift memorial at the scene. james defense team is putting together a defense to defend him. they spent about an hour-and-a- half yesterday in the movie theater to defend him.
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i see him up there and i'm hearing him yell at people and you just hear the rounds just going off just boom, boom, boom mean while the denver art examiner reports the accused gunman is spitting at officers angel del. it's becoming such a problem that at one point they asked him to wear a face mask. the judge it says it no cameras will be allowed in the court room. christian also brought flowers to victims in aurora. he thanked the medical staff there as well. hundreds of people ignored
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orders to go home in orange county prayed this is the fourth night of protest after to officer involved shootings. officers took at least five people into custody down in southern california. why billions of dollars may be unaccounted for prepared busted shoplifting with a baby, why this suspect may be in bigger trouble we just got word in,,,,,,,,,
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>> top 10 things, the sidewalk experience, tony robins it gets a bunch of people together and makes them walk up and down a sidewalk. amazing. no. 10, my low self-esteem is gone things to the third degree burns, no. 9 which extremity do we set fire to first, no cutting in line >> it happened right in san jose where people walked over hot coals and the power of thought
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you were not supposed to get burned but a lot of people did. i have seen it happen, i have never done it before but some people go around it but a lot of people got burned. >> future trading is a mixed this morning ahead of the opening bell about 45 minutes ago from now. >> nasdaq is down and ashley morris it is here to talk about a little bit of news. >> renewed worries about a possible bailout, tokyo nikkei index plummeted while the hang seng lost about 1%. stocks rebounded off their lowest levels of the day of the report that the fed is taking new steps to jump-start the economy. wall street closed lower on tuesday. the nasdaq slid 27. anne state is feeling a financial impact from the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. moody's says it may cut the
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school's credit rating making it more expensive for penn state to borrow money and state farm insurance is pulling advertising from broadcast on top of the $60 million fine that anne state is ordered to pay. apple releases its latest operating system called mountain lion. it cost $20 in will only be sold as a download. reported revenue is up but missing analysts' estimates. apple sold 26 million iphone during that quarter, a drop from previous quarters but the ipad was a hit. i wish my idea of a bad day was $35 billion. >> don't we all. >> a new study came out, if you have a tendency to swear, it could be affecting your job and not in a good way >> maybe that is why i worked these hours. a new survey finds 64% of
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employers think less of workers who use profanity on the job and 57 percent say they would be less likely to promote an employee who uses dirty words. a survey also found that the nation's capital has the highest percent of workers who swear at 62%. and glad i work in the newsroom where people don't swear >> not at all. >> we want you to answer this question, what do think about swearing in the workplace? on facebook, rex says considering most of the person i have heard comes from upper management and executives, i find the results of this survey and the critical. you can share your thoughts with us on facebook or twitter or e-mail us. >> you should be in the weather
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apartment when we get some bad weather. >> tickets wild in there! around the bay area today, low clouds and fog moving well on short overnight. mild temperatures to begin with. by the afternoon we will see plenty of sunshine and temperatures will stay fairly mild for this time of year. '60s and '70s around the bay and '50s and '60s out at the coast. the trough continues to sit on the west coast so minor changes over the next couple of days. 82 in morgan hill and 72 in palo alto. mid-80s in brentwood, 84 degrees in brentwood. inside the bay, a little bit longer to break up the cloud so we will keep the temperatures cooler. very nice in santa rosa.
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the next couple of days the temperatures will be dropping off but high pressure builds back in. eighties and even 90's as we head to sunday. >> i just checked in with chp and i'm getting first reports of an accident northbound 101 close to mckee. we have a photographer in the area and traffic is not too bad through there. the accident was reported on the off ramp so hopefully it is not affecting the main lines of the freeway. we have a couple of things to look out for, slow through antioch, elsewhere we have reports of trouble spot was down 4 at pacheco. green on the sensors so we do not see any delays on the sensor. much better news along no. 101
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at willow. an accident has been moved off the freeway and everything is free-flowing. 880, no problems this morning. looks good in both directions. mass-transit is off to a good start. >> a massive new water project is being announced in sacramento. governor jerry brown and u.s. interior secretary will unveil plans this morning. the idea is to build twin tunnels to take water from the delta and send it to cities and farms. taxpayers would finance about $10 billion for habitat restoration. >> it turns out dozens of california state departments have dozens of accounts where there is no accounting system. that comes to light after disclosure that money had not
5:50 am
been reported. the mercury news reports the state reliesn the honor system to track very special accounts >> a hospital employee accused of infecting dozens of patients with hepatitis c on purpose. >> there are no reasons these tables won't out last all of us and all of our kids and grandkids. >> it is not just wood, how one man is turning a piece of bay area history into a gold mine. we'll explain when we come back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> low clouds and fog stretching over the bay with a mild stark, temperatures in the '50s and '60s. >> we're starting to see a few more cars in the bay bridge toll plaza. new reports of an accident along 101. to a lead shoplifters at wal- mart ran away from the scene and left a baby behind. surveillance video shows store security trying to stop two women accused of stealings clothing. they left the scene and left behind a one-year-old baby in a shopping cart. night. the one-year-old is in the care of authorities >> if your child uses an older stroller it might be recalled. the valencia and the plucked zero p three were made between 2004-2007 the california boy
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died in 2004 after his head was trapped. if you have one of them, take note. patients at a new hampshire hospital face testing for hepatitis c because of a hospital worker who prosecutors called a serial in factor. a doctor is accused of stealing anesthetic, injecting himself and returning the syringe is for use on other patients. 30 patients have since tested positive for hepatitis c. the cal bears football team expects to be practicing on new turf about three weeks from now. >> cruise world it out as part of the new stadium so a berkeley company that customizes furniture stumbled upon a cal icon. the original seats from memorial stadium. they are selling those seats to customers who are mostly cal grad said or restaurants >> we have been in berkeley for
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18 years and we are a berkeley company and before us to get the stadium is a very big deal. >> the bleachers were made in 1923 out of cedar. the company says if you lay out the board's they would add to a marathon of wood. >> there are probably a lot of people who want to get their hands on that. in the next half-hour, a family of mountain lion spotted on campus. you'll hear from a man who had a close encounter. >> shots fired at a car with young children inside. the search now for a gunman who opened fire on a bay area freeways. >> two fires have vallejo firefighters stretch to t,,,,,,,
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>> good morning. >> firefighters spread in battling two fires in vallejo this morning. >> a shot fired at a club with young children inside. >> this is not a partisan issue, it is a national security crisis >> mitt romney unleashes some of his harshest attacks yet >> i see him up there and i hear him yell at people and then you just hear the rounds going off >> the first funeral in the colorado theater shooting will be today >> watch out for the mountain lion/ >> thousands of dollars worth of gilroy garlic festival tickets have been stolen >> he w l